I know some of my friends on the other sides will have something to say about this…but, tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll put a big check on my Bucket List beside, “Attend a Carolina/Duke basketball game at Duke!” 

The event has been on my list for a long, long time and I humbly thank some friends for creating the opportunity to make it a reality. I’ve seen a number of UNC/Duke games at Carolina, but never at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The best rivalry in college sports!

The Bucket List idea is well known. It’s a list of things you want to do before you, “kick the bucket.” One of the best TED Talks is by Travis Bell, an Australian who endorses using a Bucket List as a life plan. You’ll find it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GImTk0BzBhM&t=220s

If you’ve avoided making a Bucket List because you don’t want to be disappointed if some of the dreams don’t come true, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity for growth. In the many cases your dreams can become realities. 

Yes, there are times when it may be better for our dreams to remain dreams. I have friends who always wanted to meet a specific celebrity or athlete and, when they did, the other person was a jerk. There is always the possibility that my experience at the game will be less than I’d hoped. But, how do I know unless I try?

The fear of failure, or not wanting to offer the effort, are consistent obstacles. Something or someone may be in our way. But, you’ll be surprised how often those obstacles disappear when you show courage and resilience.

Stop right now and name three things you’d put on your Bucket List. What is a dream you would like to make real? Where would you really like to go? Who would you like to meet? What would you like to learn?

If you can dream it, if you can name your goal, you can put it on a list. And, if you can do that, you’re halfway home.

Go Heels!!