You NEED to Get This!

Holidays are past; let’s get started on the new year, the new decade! 

The greatest service I can offer right off the bat is to suggest, cajole, arm-twist and beg you to grab a copy of legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp’s new book, Keep It Moving: Lessons for the Rest of Your Life

You should see my copy. i've underlined so many passages the pages look like they are bleeding ink.

I'm going back and reading it again with a yellow highlighter and am finding lots of ideas I missed the first time.

One of the biggest points is that, as we age, we often believe that energy, the ability to get up and get after life, wanes as we age. Tharp's point is that as long as we stay in reasonably good shape we can do the things we want to do, we don't lose out because we can't get up and out of that Barcalounger.

The book is a little pricey at $27, but it is the best get-it-done book I’ve seen in at least a decade.