I’m sitting in a hotel lobby writing this blog. Not the lobby above, but you get the idea.

It isn’t that I’m staying in this hotel; not even on the road this week. 

Over the years I’ve discovered that I can be incredibly productive in hotel lobbies—middle of the morning, and bars—middle of the afternoon. And no, when I’m in the bars I’m not drinking…much to the disappointment of some of the bartenders.

Here’s the question: Where, When and How are you most productive?
And yes, I get the fact that a lot of folks don’t have the flexibility in terms of location and time that I have. 

But, stick with me for a moment, this is one of those discussions that can get you closer to true happiness.

I have friends who get a ton of work done in their offices. Others work better on planes, in libraries or in their garages. One friend works in the backseat of his car as the off-duty firemen he hires drive him from client to client. Another friend hides in the company conference room; one works in a corner of the plant cafeteria and NO ONE interrupts him.

I also get the fact that you may have an office and are expected to be there. However, what if you leave for a doctor’s appointment? Would folks cut you some slack if you took that hour or so to work away from the office. Maybe it’s time ask someone…or, just do it until someone asks where you are.

About 30 years ago I discovered that I can get a chunk of work done first thing in the morning, before breakfast if I’m not distracted and I drink a big glass of milk beforehand. I can’t work all through the morning, though. I need to take a break after about an hour. I can eat breakfast, run errands or go workout and get back to being productive mid-afternoon. I hit another productive stretch 8-10 pm.

And, if you noticed in that last paragraph, I don’t do well working steadily for long stretches. I can get a lot done, but I have to break it up in 1-2 hour chunks.

Again, do you know Where, When and How you are most effective?

Granted, we all have limitations in our lives and work. How can you minimize the limitations so you can maximize the results.

BTW…If you ARE being really productive folks will put up with a lot.