The next dozen or so Perfect Workday blogs will focus on strategies, tactics and ways to jump out there and have the life you want…the life you deserve.

One of the best suggestions I can offer is to watch Travis Bell’s TED Talk, Life's way too short not to live your Bucket List. 

You’ll see a link to the talk at the bottom of this blog. It’s only 19:41 long and I promise you’ll hear suggestions that will point you in a wonderfully positive direction.

In fact, it has the potential to point you in a variety of directions. The questions the talk asks can be surprising: What would you want to do that could Satisfy a Curiosity? What is an Ultimate Challenge you would like to try? A fear you’d like to conquer? Someone you would like to Meet? A Travel adventure you’d like to go on?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’ll watch this when I have time to think about those things.” Forget that. If you take off on that you’ll never watch it. 

Just watch the video and let it go. Then, after a few days watch it again. Your mind will start asking you, “What if?” 

I promise it’ll happen. 

I’ve watched this thing 4 times and listened to it in the car 3 times. Every time I experience it I think of something new.

Bell’s an Australian and his style is crazily loose in some ways. You’ll like him. 

But, a point he makes that jumps out at me every time I watch or listen to it is that most of us live by To-Do Lists when we should be living by our Bucket List. His explanation is the first time I’ve REALLY understand that maxim that we should be working to live instead of living to work. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love working; talking and writing is a blast. Bell convinced me, though, that doing it his way would give me lots more things to talk and write about. Going after the Bucket List would also richen my speaking and writing in ways I can’t foresee…all of that’s a good thing.

So, if you’re in a situation in which you have about 20 minutes (come onnnnnn!!!!) just click the link below and catch Travis Bell with, Life's way too short not to live your Bucket List.