Yesterday one of my best friends had an accident. While the pictures above are not the actual vehicles, her vehicle looked like the one of the left and the one that hit her looked like the one on the right.

You know, I misspoke in that first sentence. She didn't have an accident, the accident found her. 

Fortunately, other than some soreness in her back and neck she seems fine. Thankfully, the 16 year-old girl who hit her is great.

This was one of those, "It only takes an instant," moments. Yes, that's a cliche but, as Jimmy Buffett sings in Cliches, they "say what you mean, Mean what you say." 

My father was in the trucking industry most of his career. He understood the risks of driving. That, "It only takes an instant," was one of the bits of wisdom he often passed on to me, so the phrase has a special meaning. 

If we're smart, when things like this happen, we should ask ourselves two questions: 
1. If it involves another person we should ask if we are letting the person/people in question know how much we appreciate them? Maybe we are taking them for granted because we think they'll be around forever.
2. What are we not appreciating in our own lives? There are parts of our lives we take for granted that, to others, are absolute gifts. 

Over the years I've had accidents of a variety of types. From skydiving to car wrecks, and gym mishaps to stair falls, all could have ended much worse than they did. 

Believe me, I've had multiple opportunities to ask both questions.

Here's all I've learned:
1. Say, "Thank you," to others more often.
2. Say, "Thank you," every morning when you get up and, "Thank you," every night before you go to sleep.

That's it.