One of the greatest compliments anyone has ever paid me came from my mother. She said, “When Mike wants to do something different he just goes out and does it.”

Right. I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting. I understand the thoughts that everything has it’s time and the Universe is going to put us where we need to be. 

But, hey…let’s get on with it. 

Right now, I’m in the process to coming up with a new website. Well, that’s not exactly true. A friend is putting the site together because my techno skills are somewhere between a 2-year old and an alley cat.

In fact, this past weekend I saw a 14 month-old little girl toddling toward her grandparents’ television with a big remote control in her hand. She was pushing buttons to see the lights on it go on and I thought, “She’s already ahead of me in the techno department!”

So often now, our ability to change something depends on others; other people and/or other things. A lack of knowledge about either of those areas can mean defeat.

Here are two quick suggestions: 
- When it comes to people the best thing you can do is to catch them doing something right. Sincere compliments help you make a connection and give them confidence.
- As for things, stuff, tools; learn something new each day. Pick up one small bit of knowledge, one life hack, that gets you a little closer to the skills you need.

And remember, there’s a wonderful saying in the writing business, “Published is better than perfect.” Get started and keep moving. Sooner or later the people and tools you need will come to you.