Mike Collins


You know how it seems like you never have enough time,

others just don't get what you are trying to do,

and you can't lay your hands on the piece of information that would easily make a difference?



Dealing with Change

Change management happens one person at a time. Here are the keys to personal change and organizational change.

Time and Organization

These time management strategies help you maintain focus, communicate clearly and stay organized.


Leadership has always been about answering the questions, “Why are we moving? And, where will we go?” Management has always been about, “How will we get there?”

Outstanding Customer Service

Offering outstanding customer service is about providing The Experience of a Lifetime to both customers and co-workers.


The key to caregiving is to take care of yourself first so that you may take care of others; here are outstanding tips and tactics.


Now is the time to find your best small business ideas. Here are strategies to help.

Blog/Upcoming Events

Wanted to share some thoughts with you and would love to see you at an upcoming event

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What clients have said

I appreciate what all my clients say about my work!

Barbara Maria Poggetti

Barbara Maria Poggetti

Personnel Manager at Fayetteville Technical Community College

A supervisor... commented that one of her employees who had problems with customer service did a complete turn around after attending your class.

Charles S. Allen, Jr.

Charles S. Allen, Jr.

Litigation + Workers' Compensation Manager, Farm Bureau Insurance

You greatly exceeded expectations… The genius of your ideas is their application to work, to personal relationships, and to leisure activities; sound principles are sound principles.

Jim Porto

Jim Porto

Jim Porto, former executive director of the nationally-ranked Executive Master's Program at the University of North Carolina Gilling's School of Global Public Health

We had over 20 workshop presenters and Mike consistently received the highest evaluations from our students.

Lydia Doll

Lydia Doll

Director of Retail and Customer Care, Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont

You were a hit! Everyone really enjoyed your program and if only 10% of what you talked about stuck for each person then I expect we’re well on our way to getting it all done!